Surprises huh?

There are surprises right around the corner of ever single second in your life so I’d suggest you all prepare for all of them beforehand. Not all of these surprises are good, most of them are heartbreaking, some of them slice your soul into pieces and then you’re only left with a whole lot of scattered fragments of yourself here and there. You realise that someone closest to you was the one who broke you, he/she may be your best friend or maybe you thought they were but it’s regardless of the fact that they lost your trust. They lost some thing you had given them to cherish, you expected them to keep it it secure, to keep you safe from the chaotic world but at the end of the day they were the epitome of all that chaos after all.

Guys pls tell me ways in which I can keep my heart from being broken further, do I just stop trusting people?


9 thoughts on “Surprises huh?

  1. Hey there, never give up on trusting people pls, be wary yes but never give up as there are a lot of good people out there in the world. I have learnt through time and experience that people are put in your path for reasons, some are there for a lifetime, some for a season and some just in passing. They are there either for you to learn from them or they from you. Don’t close off your heart to the world as you will become cold and bitter and that is not the way to live. To live is to love, that includes the heartache that goes with it. That is called the path of life. To live a good journey we have to go through all the ups and downs and the tears and the laughter. Enjoy the life you are given. If those that have broken your heart by not cherishing what you give them then they were never worthy of what you gave them.

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    • Thank you so much this made me feel much better. And I love this line ‘To live is to love, that includes the heartache that goes with it.’ Haha I’m incapable of not trusting people, at the end of the day I end up forgiving even those who may not deserve it. I’ll try following ur words:)

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