Commonwealth ✨

We highlight the flaws we see in each other so why not then do we work towards finding fragments of the wealth we have in common in each other as well? From school lectures and small talk in buses, all everyone discusses is how some other person ruined their plans or stole their happiness. There’s a race to find women and men equality, a battle to reach the finals in country debates and a war to always come first whether it be developing nuclear weapons or mobile phones.

These desires are instilled in most human beings whether they’re from the western or the eastern corners of the world. Isn’t this the wealth we have in common? Glimpses of hope in the other team players, hope that the whole stadium shares. We aren’t as different emotionally as we might think we are. Yes class, creed, religion, and region distinguish us but they don’t decide who we are.

When we weren’t the West Indians, Pakistanis, British, Americans, Australians and Asians we were simply given one name, one that we all shared; mankind. Over time counties developed conflicts between one another due to ideological differences such as differing beliefs and values. As seen in the Korean War as well as that between west and East Pakistan. These are examples of how the people of one nationality find distinctions even within themselves. I do not blame the people for all these contretemps with each other, the precedent that has been set about eliminating someone who goes against your beliefs must be blamed.

From streets of Venice up to alleys in Bangladesh, we’ve heard shouts of riots and revolts more often than exclaims of revolution and contentment. We went through the Russian, American, industrial, and scientific revolutions many years ago. But where is that spark now? That spark which drives all of us to work together towards one specific cause. This cause may be the need to attain freedom of speech or gain basic human rights but that is not what I focus on. The beauty of it is the fact that people, mankind rely on the help of the other rather than being self serving individuals. We need more cohesion now that we are so disconnected.

In psychology, the false-consensus effect exists which focuses upon how people believe that everyone shares the same opinion as them. When groups or even governments reach a consensus and rarely encounter those who dispute it, they tend to believe that everybody thinks the same way. This is what causes us to think only about the majorities opinion and in most cases we believe ourselves to be the majority. But as we all know there won’t have to be a majority or minority if we all treat each other the same way.

Wealth does not only refer to money, it is an abundance of valuable possessions. It is our decision to categorise what is valuable to us or not. However we fail to differentiate between what we need and what we want. Valuables are not money, jewellery, land, banks or businesses, valuables are precious things that we can’t replace. What is it that we can’t replace? Everyone needs a minute or even more to think about it.

Yes there is power vested in money and status but really, at the end of the day power isn’t what we’re looking for. Wealth all of us have in common in hope, family and love. Hope arises when we realise we might actually have a chance at winning. This chance only exists after we’ve worked as hard as we can. There is always a glimmer of hope in the faintest of smiles even if that certain someone is going through hell at the moment. Everyone learns to live with the feelings of worthlessness that haunt them. However that very thing we believe is worth the least matters most of all. This is evident from the fact that when flames of fire burn through all our belongings we do not run towards the wealth we might think we would want to save. We run towards our loved ones, we sprint to save fragments of our memories shared with them.

There is beauty in the courage of the fragile fighter, those who preserve despite all they’ve been through, those who will still believe there is good in the world. Us dark things often find we need that light the most because without such fighters no hope resides in us. Everyone requires something to fight for and that wealth is shared by all of us.

All our lives we’ve been told to be kind and generous. But where’s that generosity when it comes to sharing emotions. We need to be able to communicate in order to understand the differences that make each of us unique. Uniqueness is the word we must use not contrast because while contrasting we compare and comparing each other is not right since we all have separate personalities. Another wealth we all share is our differing talents. You may be great at touching the clouds when jumping on a trampoline whereas your sisters may even be able to put a child to sleep with her soothing voice.

‘If u live properly then dreams will come for you. It was an easy time to dream and I was dreaming,always dreaming. It’s about life and how to live specifically about childhood dreams and how we try to achieve them, my childhood dreams, your childhood dreams (immature dreams by Liam Back)’ Another thing we have common is dreams and the ability to vision the future without actually grasping it. Most of us weren’t here when John Locke got the idea of tabula rasa,a blank mind or when Karl Marx introduced his theory of communalism but we study about all of it now. We all share a desire to be remembered like that and that’s why we develop dreams. What we need to do is help each other accomplish them so that we can all be someone future generations reminisce about.

Do express ur reactions to this. It’s an essay I wrote a year ago for the Commonwealth essay writing competition. I can write much better now but here’s to memories of past words✨


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