Thoughts of the day

‘The concern is not who you are in my life it’s whether you’re there at all or not. It’s that lingering presence that matters to me, the fact that I’ll have people who know me and yet they decide to continue to reveal themselves and I myself to them. Ur title doesn’t matter as long as you do in favour of it. So be happy if you get angry glares from me or if you’re that certain person that Im continuously competing against. Be thrilled that you’re able to make me smile, be honoured to laugh with me and see me laugh at you while u make a fool out of yourself and be glad that you hold such importance in someones life. I’m giving you the chance to be a prominent stronghold in my life, so cherish it in all its moments and live with it knowing that you make my life what it is.’

Someting i wrote today after I realised the variety of people I’m surrounded with and how every single one of them plays an important role in my life and how the world would be incomplete without them


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