Whatever happened to hope?

imageThis world scares me.
Whatever happened to smiling faces and friendly glances. Now all I see is hatred, lies and loss. Out of all these I believe loss to be the most common one. Along with how people are it continuously dying, it’s the way people are losing themselves. They seem to know that they have changed yet they still don’t do anything about the monsters they’ve become. At one point in life you finally discover who you really are but now it’s as though that time will never come. I’d like to believe that rather than losing yourself, finding who u are is possible. However the people I see everyday have just accepted the inevitability of imperishable ways which are mostly associated with the need to hurt someone else just to gain benefit. It’s a strange world now and unfortunately I wasn’t able to witness the utopian times of before.

Following loss many things come but the most prominent of all is hatred. Sitting in the car and looking out the window I find people watching everything as though it’s some sort of competition. But it’s not; we are all not here to fight with one another, we are supposed to show God we are better than what he believes us to be. Humans in general forget this fact and tend to dive into the conclusion that there’s only one winner. From school games to international matches, from elections to large scale protests, it’s all fight till the finish line isn’t it? But has anyone ever stopped and wondered what and where that line is?

I think it’s the point where all of us lose our humanity and forget that the person sitting next us is also human. Equality died years ago and those who are striving hard to forge it back may as well give up. Change cannot come with the help of a few hopeful people like you and me. It needs to be conjured as a collective whole, with the contribution of every single human being who is breathing on this earth.


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