Appreciate it while it lasts

I can’t bear to see people standing on the side of the road, suffering deeply, waiting for someone to drop them to their broken home, where their children are craving something to eat. Their stomachs have been growling all day as they hope their parents make it home, safe and secure from the chaos of the world.
When I think about all this, tears find their way down my face and all I want to do is get out of the car, make them sit in my place and gift them everything that I don’t deserve.

At the end of the day the truth is, I haven’t really done anything so far to deserve my luxurious life and they haven’t done anything so bad to deserve their state of life. We were all born and raised in whatever surroundings we were confronted with.

Who’s to say that I would have turned up happier if I was living another persons life or if those people on the streets would have appreciated all they had if they were in my place, living comfortably.

You can’t decide where you’re born, whether it’s in a state of war or harmony but you have the ability to mould yourself according to what has been provided to you. So appreciate it, be kind in your dealings, spread love to all those around you and do not spread hatred at all.

Certainly what you’ll have to account for is your attitude only, so live to the fullest and help those who are suffering to live to the fullest too despite all the hardships they are facing.


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