Daily Prompt: Chaotic

via Daily Prompt: Chaotic

I see can see the chaos in your eyes, the way you think about situations and how their result will always be chaotic in your view.

I can hear screams, shouts, cries of pain  from distant places but I stand still, not urging myself to help those in need because I myself am afraid of chaos. It’s chaos that brings about hurt and hopelessness.

The uncertainty of time and place is chaos in itself, how one can be standing on the platform of the train station at one moment and after a few sounds of shots being fired, is found lying on the train track, with only ambulance sirens in the distance.

The world itself is a chaotic place thus we must not give into the chaos. We must persevere and retain hope despite all that we have been through. Chaos can arise from the smallest of things and so our hearts need to be strong enough to counter such chaos.

Everything is chaotic in its nature and it is us mere mortals that decide whether to let that chaos run free or to protect the rest of the world from it.



2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Chaotic

  1. Chaos : which to choose mind or heart? When you’re mind says yes it will end up and you will be in mess in the end? But you’re heart says go for it we’ll take experience of every chaos? Will you take heart over mind? Or your sensibility will be taken over your life?
    Chaos will be always with you it is a part of life no matter how much you will avoid it will meet you at your very next step. This is how you learn and grow.


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