You need to open up to people, how’re you supposed to know whether u want someone more than the rest when all you have is one anchor in the world. Learn to trust people with ur personality revealing it to them throughout the time u spend together and see whether they accept the new you or not. It’s not possible to conclude that you love someone when he or she is the only person you have been opening up to. Obviously if that’s the only person u can trust with yourself you’re bound to think that they’re the one but what if they’re not? What if one day you decide to reveal yourself fully to someone else and turns out you like that certain person more just because of the way he or she handles a situation that you are in? Love completely but do not let it be limited to one person, explore people and learn how much you mean to them and only then conclude whether one of them means a lot more to you than all the rest.

Heyy  guys I’m back! Exams kinda went okay will work harder next term😂 I have this holiday hw if u have any ideas about what I could write pls do tell me. The topics are –


Write a story in which a locked wooden box plays an important part

write a story which includes the sentence ‘the mixture of amazement and relief on my fathers face was something I will always remember.’



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