The universe

imageWhat was it that Henry Poincare used to say, “astronomy is important because it raises us above ourselves” and how we can embrace the whole dazzlingly immensity of the universe whereas the body is only a vessel containing our intelligent mind.

Let us go back into time when Ptolemy’s geocentric theory was adopted by everyone. A motionless planet in the center of the universe with dark, slightly gleaming spots of water and an abrupt, contrasting transition from the light-colored surface to the absolutely black sky in space. The earth as it is known comprised of imperfect material which was ever-changing. Round solid spheres made of crystalline, transparent substance orbited around the earth in circles.

However later this was proved incorrect and the heliocentric theory came into being. As evident from the name, ‘helio’ referred to the sun. A glowing medallion of scorching hot gases surround by planets was the centre of the universe. A glinting orris-silver halo, with depressions in it surrounded the earth, later entitled as the ‘Moon’. It channeled the light of the blazing sun onto the earth under the starry sky and returned it during daytime.

Johannes Kepler later discovered that the planets moved around the fiery sun in elliptical orbits and not circular ones. Thus the blazing, saffron sun no longer remained the epitome of God in the universe because it was proved to be at one focus of the ellipse rather than at the center. This was quite similar to a merry-go-around which slanted towards the point which held more weight. As the celestial fireball sent charges of energy outside, the planets got attracted towards it and started orbiting it.

Galileo Galilei concluded that the universe seemed to be composed of material similar to that of earth rather than a perfect and unchanging substance. Isaac Newton revealed that the universe was one huge regulated machine that operated according to natural laws in absolute time, space, and motion. These scientists confirmed the magnificence to the unknown galaxy and revealed its most prominent characteristics.

Now that I look up, I see clouds and their light shadows on the distant light blue sky as they descend into oblivion, as the sun sets. The sun no longer burning like Titans fiery wheel in the sky brings a rich colour spectrum as the dark blue aureole in the sky gradually darkens, turning turquoise, violet and finally coal black. The glimmering sun has set and the moon, a wraith-silver disc hangs in the lonely sky. I was beguiled by the beauty as lasers of moonlight, as bright as diamond-flame, landed in the shimmering water.

I discovered yet again that I was nothing compared to the wonders of the word but in the eyes of the people who loved me, I was the brightest shining star in the whole universe. A star was nothing in comparison to the silver-bullet moon and Gods morning star.


Too soon

It’s sad how I have so much love in me but I don’t have someone I can give it to or someone who loves me back. I enjoy reading all these quotes about love and soul mates and someone being your saving grace. I watch heartwarming movies and cry at the end because I feel as though it is something I may go through. I have too much love, one that I cannot contain and I do not know what to do with it. I’m madly in love with the idea of being in love but I don’t know why that is so. I have a lot of people who care about me but I don’t have that certain someone and at this point in life when you’re not certain about anything, I do not wish to be uncertain about the love I give away. So I hold it in, this desire to have someone whom I could completely and utterly trust, someone with whom I can be my absolute self without caring about the fact that they might leave me. I want to be crazy to the fullest, be as childish as I can and lie under the stars and contemplate life with someone who wants to enjoy those things, as much as I want, with me. That is the love i so infinitely desire and though I may be excited about that feeling, I want to be delve in love but be prudent in it as well. For I do not wish to love someone too soon and face the consequences and lose them too soon.

Star dust¿

I can judge pretty well whether something is good for me or not and when I looked at you the first thing that came to my mind was that u were going to be chaotic for me. That was the first time I was ever wrong because you continuously proved yourself to be someone without whom I would’ve been nothing. You validated that it was wrong for me to not provide people with the chance to improve themselves; that I had to allow people to reveal themselves fully before I could decide if they deserved a place in my life or not. For you were there when no one else was, when I wanted to fly, you convinced me that were limits to everything and thus some things in life are impossible. You were the impossible; an embodiment of all the perception of a utopian world I had and a perfect life that I got the minute you walked into it. Guess you could call it destiny, that we were meant to be soul mates but I think it’s different than that. You were the first person I let in, the first person who was given the opportunity to break my walls while I shut the rest of the world out. I finally realised that by discovering different people, you also begin to reveal yourself and if you trust someone enough to allow them to discover your personality further then truly, they are more than just a trace of star dust in your life. 

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New year

You were there for me, whether it was for a diminutive thing or whether it is a favour I can never come to encompass or repay. But you were there, your presence I felt throughout. And though we may have not spent the new year together, I had the comfort of knowing that in some corner of the world, someone is smiling at their phone while sending a ‘happy new year’ text to me. It’s the lingering feeling of being wanted that you provide to me and no matter how much I try to show my gratitude to you, it can never be equal to the value you add to my life. Let’s face the inevitable truth that without you lot and all the other souls I know, I’d just be a dull sparking star but a star nonetheless; cause we’re all stars after all and when millions of stars come together and reveal themselves and share their light, a collision of shinning colours evolves, just like fireworks. You mould my personality into who I am, a speck of dust turned into a whole galaxy of revelations🌟