Star dust¿

I can judge pretty well whether something is good for me or not and when I looked at you the first thing that came to my mind was that u were going to be chaotic for me. That was the first time I was ever wrong because you continuously proved yourself to be someone without whom I would’ve been nothing. You validated that it was wrong for me to not provide people with the chance to improve themselves; that I had to allow people to reveal themselves fully before I could decide if they deserved a place in my life or not. For you were there when no one else was, when I wanted to fly, you convinced me that were limits to everything and thus some things in life are impossible. You were the impossible; an embodiment of all the perception of a utopian world I had and a perfect life that I got the minute you walked into it. Guess you could call it destiny, that we were meant to be soul mates but I think it’s different than that. You were the first person I let in, the first person who was given the opportunity to break my walls while I shut the rest of the world out. I finally realised that by discovering different people, you also begin to reveal yourself and if you trust someone enough to allow them to discover your personality further then truly, they are more than just a trace of star dust in your life. 

Guys if you could all please tell your friends or follower about your account id be extremely grateful Because I’m barely getting like 2 likes and I work hard to express myself so I’d like more people to read it and reply and like if they enjoy it so I can get feedback and my blog can be more interactive. My posts are emotions that I actually feel and sometimes this blog is the only place I can turn to for help so please do comment and ask more people to follow if they’re interested in helping a rather lost soul. Thank u💕


3 thoughts on “Star dust¿

    • I hope the same thing. I haven’t found such a love but it’s just the vision I hold for someone if I do find them. Even though this post may have been for someone that I may come to love it’s also for all those people in my life that I can actually open up to so it’s mostly as a thanks for them, the ‘he’ is them personified. But lets hope we find someone like that someday💗

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