About Me😁

Heyy everyone I’m just a girl who loves writing and literature and literally opens her notes every time she’s in the car because she can’t stop her thoughts from pouring out. Which is why I decided to write a blog and actually post someone of my work or emotions. Most of my posts will be extracts from my notes which I tend to write all the time whenever a thought comes to my mind. Whereas others might be stories or a particular passage that I’ve been working on and have spent time thinking upon. I hope you enjoy exploring my personality and my world as I open it up to and I hope I can discover you all more and learn about the different emotions that you feel during your daily life. Also hopefully my blog will be motivational and I encourage discussion and feedback so tell me how you feel about a particular post and what your reaction was to it and whether you were able to relate to it or not. πŸŽ€


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